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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What is Furry and Communities are garbage

What is Furry Communities are garbage...most of the time. I always found the KISS method of explaining things as the best, "Keep It Simple Stupid." Now of course certain topics and explanations needed to bring accurate understanding to them may be impossible to keep simple such as quantum physics, but for furry it is simply being a fan of animal people. That is all, now maybe it comes to having a fetish for such ideas and for many with a sex drive it become a sexual fetish. Doesn't matter what forms it takes in people, it's just a preference of your media be it comics, movies, art, writing or music. Maybe you would check out that heavy metal album if you hear it's good but maybe you would be even more inclined to check it out because they have wolves on the cover art or even better they portray themselves as wolves.


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