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Saturday, February 13, 2016

DeadPool Film Verdict BEST X MEN MOVIE

The Deadpool movie is a better x-men movie then the x-men movies. Deadpool is a fantastic movie, as stated in the above video, but one thing is that it is a film that feels as much as a legitimate x-men movie since First Class as much of a legitimate Deadpool movie. I was mildly entertained by x-men 1, 2 and x-men 3: Days of future past. But what always bothered me and I'm sure that I am not alone in this though I haven't heard anyone mention this but they always completely ignored everything that made the characters interesting and instead had them as showcases for special effects. Bryan singer can make a competent kiddy G vs E action film but I doubt he would delve into something a little more microcosm like Nightcrawlers origin or the concentration camps they were forced into at one point as it was done in the comics or animated series as a examples. The previous x-men films though well made simply don't give a shit, they would ignore the relations these characters had to each other. Mystique being mother to nightcrawler, Magneto father of Quicksilver, Juggernaut brother of xavier, the leader of the anti mutant brigade being the son of Sabertooth. It's like having any of these established stories or relations in the movies would mean they would have to complicate the script more and we can't have that otherwise people might get bored oooo look a pretty explosion and fight scene. The biggest offense to me was lady death strike, former lover of wolverine being hyped up to a high point only to have one line in the entire second movie and then killed off by wolverine. And then there is Colossus actually being a fucking Russian! Yes this movie finally gives me the colossus I and many others always wanted to see. Lets face it, he didn't do shit in any other movie until this one. You think fox will up it's game with future x-men characters, so you think Bryan Singer will give a shit enough to go beyond a mere competent action film and give us something that won't likely be forgotten in five years? I doubt it, and X-men Apocalypse looks like more of the fucking same. Subscribe here to watch "CraftyArts" coming soon. See more art here Support This channel. Subscribe and become a paetron WEBSITE


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