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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CraftyArts 2016 premire announcement

Subscribe here to watch "CraftyArts" coming soon. I am aiming for this to premire in may 2016. Right now I have three episodes finished and ready to air. Considering time constraints and keeping a fulltime job I feel it will be best to air an episode per month. It's simply a matter of time, as more comes I will eventually be able to air more frequently. There will be google hangouts and perks for those who wish to support me on paetron, though you can support me now, I have to let you know these perks will not be in place officially until the series is done and ready to air for it's first season. This is my baby, my pet project, this is not a hobby but a work of passion, I enjoy art too much and intend to make something to entertain and make people laugh. I cannot thank those who have helped get this far enough I literally have a list of gift projects that will be it's own episode. Any criticisms, advice is welcomed. You can see the pilot episode here to see what I have in mind. There will be fan art, gift art, political, or just plain weird. updates will come as things progress. See more art here Support This channel. Subscribe and become a paetron WEBSITE


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