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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Aww Poor Sad pathetic Puppies (Hugo Awards)

Why conservative christians why…(Written by Nashoba)
So… You watch our shows, our little rants about how undeniably pathetic, moronic, and detestable fundamentalist conservative Christians are. You hear us drone on all the time about the bile these lunatics spew and yes it does get old after a while because these idiots can’t come up with anything new. Well… I wanted to say they have, but they haven’t.
Anyone who paid attention the last 10 years to gay rights knows all the catch phrases these losers have stated over the decade. Yes, I am appropriating the moniker of loser to their tripe because that is pretty much what they are. For example on the off chance when they win, they rub in the face of the victim they have been bullying for eons in their little culture wars. When they lose…, well in their mind they don’t lose, they just find another way to move the goal post and say some hocus-pocus rubbish (like their fairytale they cling too) to make it all better for them. I seriously ask that look up the reactions to any court case where we LGBT won a smidgen of our equal rights. Low and behold you will see conservatives say they didn’t lose this “war” and “it just proves” some bullshit line they pulled from the deepest vacancies of the tumor that has grown in their hatred infested colon.
So they lash out at everything and everyone, what news is this Nash? Well it’s not, but it’s their new targets they are attacking. Yeah didn’t expect them to find a new target so quickly did you? Well actually no. It’s not so much of a new target it really is just them trying to take over another fandom. Now this has been happening a lot. Christians loosen up about the whole “if your happy and you know it, it’s a sin” mentality and infect or infest other subcultures and fandoms. Not too long ago this happened to us furries where fundamentalist Christians furries *pauses and laughs at the stupidity that was just written* I’m sorry… give me a few moment here. I can’t say that with a straight face. *pauses and takes a deep breath* Ok I think I’m…. *laughs so hard I fall out of my chair*
So yes a group of fundamentalist furries got together and were all about the straight and narrow. Telling other gay furs, you know the ones that make up 70 percent or more of the fandom, how wrong they are for being gay, as well as attacking other groups. One could sit here and go… wait so a group of people who are pretty much sexually attracted to animals from the shoulders up are telling other people with the same fetish that they are better because of penis and vagina rather than penis and ass? *cracks and falls out of chair laughing again*
 Yeah…. Pretty much… Luckily for us furries we were able to put a stop to it as soon as the malignant tumor formed by lacing it off at the root and then blasting it with so much radiation our own Sun would have been like “Damn son!”
However, the same cannot be said for other groups. And the problem is when these losers infect a group of geeks it quickly becomes an infestation. What starts and one vicious little insect crawling through a crack in the wall quickly turns out to be a dimensional portal to the home world of these fucking things as they soon come out in mass devouring all that stand in their way. Once they are done with the takeover they quickly force all others to either join them or die. Technically this is no different than how the dogmatist of the Abrahamic faiths have been since their inception. The problem with us geeks and nerds as that we are not good at conflict. We are nowhere near the levels of mastery for bullshit, and bullying as these fundamentalist are. Not even close. So we lower our heads, square our shoulders and leave, giving these asshole a victory. What happens then? Well the christians quickly lose interest and scurry off to find another group to destroy. Or worse, they turn, what was a valid genre of geek culture, into a horribly written joke; where they insert god in just about every hole and orifice they can shove their dicks of stupidity into.
This could not be sadder and truer than at the 2015 Hugo awards. For the geek and nerd who knows nothing about this prestigious award go LOOK IT UP! In a brief sentence the Hugo awards are a prestigious reward ceremony for that year’s science fiction.  It spans multiple categories and most importantly its handled not buy paid off judges like those of the VGAs but by the attendees of WorldCon a massive Science fiction convention. Yes this is what I was leading up to this whole time. Back in 2013 a large group of conservatives Christians formed together to complain about how science fiction was becoming to politically correct. They used a moniker of one of these writers who was upset that he didn’t get a nomination for his book called Monster Hunter Legion. The book looked about as hollow as its 1980s damsel, saved by the macho man super hero with a brain the size of a peanut, front cover. In a sense it was a retardation of what science fiction was becoming and boy did Larry Correia not like that. So he made a Moc add put some sad music behind it and introduced us to a world of puppies in a shelter who looked pathetically sad. In this he was showing himself as one of the “sad puppies” because he didn’t win a reward.
Now this is not the first time that Correia took things the wrong way and threw a little hissy fit. A few years back he made a laughably written bad guy who was every negative stereotype of what gay people were known as in the 80 and 90s. This character was a cross dresser, vindictive, and a very wealthy immoral criminal underworld lord. Not a good start. Needless to say this was around the early 2010s and gay people have become a huge part of the science fiction community. Where we were finally out of the closet and even writing nominated titles. However, Correia, Like Orson Scott Card and other bigots Like John C. Wright who have been told, grow up or get out, he took this as a personal attack and instead of doing the smart thing and saying “hey I’m sorry. I am sorry for being a stereotypical douchebag who should have looked outside my 1980s mentality.” You know, for technically creating the equivalent of black face for gay men. Instead Correia threw a tantrum. So when he did the sad puppies video, a lot of other Outside, yes outside, conservatives who had a very timid if vapid fascination with science fiction (because they watched star wars and star trek like everyone else) got angered that this “moral, proud Christian man” got dejected for his writings. The sad puppies also made a plea that science fiction is getting way to politically correct by including *gasp*gay main characters, non-white, non-female, hell not even human main characters and progressing to fast and to wide. That science fiction needs to “return to its roots” while never really explaining what those roots are or were.
Are you talking about not accepting literature written by gay authors because if a child reads those books it might make them gay? Or throwing away amazing stories written by women because it might make other women think that they could also be a writer; rather than a silent, bread oven house wife like what you want them to be. What about cleaning up the white wash and making a main character Latino, or African American for a change? Nope, status quo they cry out. Why, because they supposedly outnumber the minorities. There for, us minorities, should not be seen. Why cater to us when so many of your fan base isn’t us. Oh the humanity! I mean seriously… what the fuck do you mean returning to your roots? The roots of science fiction has always been against the grain. In favor of the down trodden. To explore the vastness of reality, time and space, while questioning everything. To always seek the answers and to support the fact that you might possibly be wrong, and that’s ok. So what root are you talking about?
Just take a quick gander at these fine, upstart, moral pillars of a patriarchal societies’ work. Very quickly you can see homophobia, racism, sexism, and even anti-intellectualism scribbled throughout their works. It doesn’t help when they open their big mouths, as conservatives always do, to talk about how disgusting they think gays are and how sodomy laws should be brought back, or how blacks and women need to be thankful and know their place. It is disgusting, however, that is what when they say “back to our roots.” But then you get the apathetic friend who says “hey Nash, lay off man, you need to separate the artist from the art.”
And as a person who has many straight friends I can see their view point about separating the man and the art. I mean it’s not like he and the rest of the bigoted writers out there use their money to spread hate against gays, or support campaigns to strip us of not only our rights but our lives, and you know make us feel like we aren’t even human as they drone on about how sinful, evil, immoral we are, and how we don’t have spouses just “sex buddies”… right? Well actually… they do. Orson Scott Card uses his money to fund groups like the National Organization for Marriage to hurt our families and spouses. John C Wright believes gay people are a perversion and at any time he can cast his hate against us LGBT he almost always will. So… for separating the bigot from his drivel, I mean scholarly ligatures… No… Sorry but while it’s easy to separate the man from the art if you are not the victim of his hate, its neigh impossible, unless you’re a real stuck up self-hating gay person, to actually do so if you are the target. Every time I see one of these authors’ books in a book store, a little blast of anger fills me because someone will buy that book and that money goes to a person who will waste it trying to make sure my husband and I do not have any rights.
So back to the topic at hand now that we got a little back story. The good news though is that this type of anti-human bullshit does not get overlooked by the millions of science fiction fans out there, and when the “sad puppies” formed they were rightfully laughed at and out of the Hugos. However undenounced to the geeks and nerds out there who are not used to the constant assault on their being; many thought this was over and down with, when in fact the conservative Christians only used this to “prove their point.” More on that later.
Enter in the “rabid puppies” create by the one and only Vox Day. The Christian bigot with a mouth piece as used as the sliding doors on a Tokyo subway. This is the man who wrote wonders like “The Irrational Atheist” and “A War In Heaven,” then bitched when people looked at them and laughed at how poor they are. This is also a man that is labeled quite often on Right Wing Watch as a homophobic darling of the right. Now we get to see who this group is in their truest form. This is what happens when you cut off the head of a hydra. It does not die, but instead comes back with two more head and is twice as pissed off. It did not take the conservative Christians, with a weak interest in science fiction, long to spread their cause to others and before long we have a situation like what just happened at the 2015 Hugos. What happened? Well back in April the rabid puppies starting reaching out to their GOP base and got them to vote on the nominees for the upcoming Hugo Awards. They were largely successful in hijacking the awards and placing a book from each of their bigoted writers into each category of the Hugos.
Luckily, once again able minded people won out. But the results were quite sad. Many good books did not get nominated this year because of this political coo by fundamentalist Christians. While they lost this battle they do not believe they “lost the war”… In fact they don’t even think they lost the battle. Not more than a few hours after their asses got the boot they went on to report how this campaign was a success, because it finally exposed the “leftist, liberal, politically correct fascism” that was plaguing the science fiction fandom. Right because allowing fans of science fiction from all walks of life to support and nominate books from the same all walks of life is exceedingly fascist. Isn’t it always funny how those who are the most controlling and want everything to conform to them are the first people to start labelling others as oppressive fascist, when it is they, the accuser who wants to white wash, straight, wash, and make everything about god, and authoritarian principles? Do you want to know what the definition of a fascist is? It is these fucking losers who cannot be happy unless they destroy the very tenants of anything that accepts what they deem inferior or wrong. They are a walking hypocrisy, but you already know that. At least… I hope you do.
So they get back on their soap boxes and celebrate for exposing us and oppressing them. They demand more good moral people like themselves come next year to take back their version of the Hugos. What is really scary is that some of use nerds and geeks think we won and the war is over…. As a gay man. I can tell you the war light-years away from over. When conservatives set their mind on destroying something beautiful they don’t stop… ever. They don’t stop until they are either dead, dying or found an easier victim to bully and watch as it hangs itself or jumps off an overpass into an oncoming semi-truck to go splat and end all the suffering it’s having to endure. I’m not joking. If we did not have these fucking losers in our world we would be hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of where we are today. Now I am far more of a game critic than I am of a science fiction critic but I can say this with utmost certainty. Being a target and victim of these bigots for my entire life I have very good insight in their tactics, their methodologies, and their amazing ability to network and gain not only attention but a massive fan base in a short time. What we saw this year at the Hugos was only the start of the first take over. Rumor has it that in 2017, for the first time, the almost sacred rules of the Hugos will be changed to prevent this sort of idiocy from happening again.
How sad of a day it is, when we can no longer go by the rules set by the creators of the Hugos, less they be trampled, twisted, and misused to push the bigotry and idiocy of a few troglodytes who refuse to live even by the most basic tenants of our science fiction culture. Who refuse to even understand the basic principles of what science fiction is about. To state again: science fiction has always been against the grain. In favor of the down trodden. To explore the vastness of reality, time and space, while questioning everything. To always seek the answers and to support the fact that you might possibly be wrong, and that’s ok. When you not only reject these roots but say they are oppressive, and fascist, that they need to be changed to fit what is pretty much a Judeo Christian mold of reality, morality, and ethics, and shut out an entire fandom of their fandom for your political bullshit and foolery…. Then indeed, what a sad day it truly is.



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