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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Has Gay Marriage Done To Massachusetts Lemur Talks

This "Mass Resistance" group is another attempt to try and rally conservatives and superstitious people against people with different orientations of attractions. The entire video he goes on and on about how Gays are being more accepted in a way that doesn't explain how these things are bad but rather a way that is intended to only play on and cater to people's emotions relating to ignorance and instilled bigotry. The show "Lemur Talks" is in the experimental phase right now. I wanted to do something I feel a lot of furries are afraid to dive into. Politics, social issues, and current events. I figured if a medieval knight known as the "Armored Skeptic" can get away with it, A ringtail lemur can do it as well. Any opinions and suggestions are welcomed. After the next video about the anti vaccine movement I intend to remake my suit from the ground up (if I ever find time to) while I focus on my art show. "Crafty Arts." Thank you for your support. To see everything be sure to subscribe to the main channel "Rotten Egg Creations" And to see other content and associated shows be sure to check out my web page. I also have a paetron if you feel like donating to the cause.


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