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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

La Manif Pour Tous: The new face of religious bigotry couched in stupid

Written by Nashoba La Manif Pour Tous: The new face of religious bigotry couched in stupid So… about two years ago a new hate group, that gets more violent with each protest, has cropped up… IN FRANCE! Yes that’s right. France. Of all places! The group is called La Manif Pour Tous. Which means March for All, or as it seems lately, March to demonize and massacre the gays. This group does not hide its homophobia, but like so many tea party, and right-wing antigay groups in America tries to couch its bigotry by repeatedly trying to press the lie that they are not homophobic. They just want to protect children, and society the evil clutches of us gays. Rubbish! The difference between these two groups is that in France, it’s considered distasteful to wear ones source of ignorance and bigotry on their sleeve; I mean religion. So groups like Manif Pour Tous (who from here on out I am going to call “March for massacre”) can easily hide the true reason why they hate gays so much. But if you look at the spokes people of their group you will find that they are deeply catholic, and share close relations with the Catholic Church. Hmmm…. Interesting eh? Turns out one of March for Massacre’s most active supports tend to be the Catholic Church. The same group, which tried to stall and stop gay marriage in France for years before ultimately failing. Here is another interesting thing to think about. Before this group came to light, the number one opposition to gay marriage came from extremely bigoted and quite open Catholics; parading around the cities demanding that they get their way and that they are being discriminated against. Seems to me that March for Massacre took a page out of that failure and now, is doing everything it can to hide its true reason it attacks gay people. However, anyone can see just how transparent this group is when their message is exactly the same as the catholic protesters before them. Protect children, and society from evil gays who will DESTROY THE WORLD! MU HAHAHA. No seriously it’s in our baby flesh bound gay agenda book right next to every one of our bed sides. Just the mere presence of equality will make walls fall, and mountains crack. Just imagine what will happen to little ol’ France when real equality hits. Oh wait… so France didn’t sink into the ocean after we were allowed to marry? Darn so much for having super villain powers of world destruction. In all seriousness though, this group does have a motive. That Motive is to harm LGBT and their message is working. Watchdog group SOS Homophobia in France have seen a 78 percent increase in hate crimes since gay marriage was passed; since March for Massacre started its war on us LGBT. The saddest part is that these attacks are coming from younger bigots who listen to March for Massacre’s hate and filth and then crystallize it into direct violence against innocent people. Of course they get severely offended when people call these kids bigots, but their message is literally no different than the message of religious bigots across the world about gays. Im sorry to say but my marriage to my husband in no way affects any part of America in a negative way (sorry sky daddy conspiracy junkies out there); the same goes for French same-sex couples who marry. There might be a slight boom to the government income for licenses and to the business sector because of weddings, but those increases level out quickly as the initial flood of committed couples trickles down to a drip. The reality of the situation is that, and has been proved ad nauseam, allowing same-sex couples to marry doesn’t harm anyone, and instead benefits everyone ESPECIALLY children. Oh, you were not expecting that one were you? Turns out that even in countries like France where these bigots say there is more people who want to adopt than children needing adoption. And that those children need a “mother and father.” Right, because all the sociological and psychological evidence about this line of bullshit hasn’t been debunked it enough. I have yet to find any source that confirms their claim and I spent a good hour googling. What I did find is that globally there is more orphans who need adopting than the entire population of the UK and France combined… Opsie did MFM make a mistake in their quotes? No matter, when you press these ingrates long enough eventually you will get to the creamy custard of puss that festers inside them, their religious objections to LGBT. It doesn’t help that MFM is using gays as a poster child to place all the countries current problems on either. Which is really quite sad. Your country starts to suck and instead of sucking it up, and owning to the fact that YOU, yet YOU the moronic voter, led to this outcome, instead find an innocent group to target, and bully. So what are the difference between MFM and other religious right out there in the world? Well right now nothing at all. Unless you discount the fact that they are too weak and pathetic to even admit where their true bigotry resides from where at least others are not afraid to be honest. At least at the end of the day, while France legalized our families, somewhat, once we Americans finally have equality for our families, the majority of our country will square our shoulders and move on. Just like we have done after every screw up we made in the past. Our religious right will give up and eventually find another target to foam at the mouth for and attack and the process will repeat itself until we make such fear mongering and recklessness illegal. But first we need to breathe this in like a good cup of fresh ground, handmade coffee. Take a whiff. You smell that? Yes, it’s the sweet, delicious smell of finally showing up France who for years as called us backwards, stupid, and resistant to change. My oh my has the pot finally met the kettle in this chain of events. Sources: CritCom – Consil for European Studies ( The Guardian – ( PinkNews:


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