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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Open Letter to Anita Sarkeesian

I like the discussion to be civil, but it almost never is. A woman dare have a concern of how woman are commonly portrayed in video games? HOW DARE SHE! A bunch of toys R us kids afraid someone is gonna take away all their porn and video games. I actually agree with most of her points, some not so much. Like how she mentions one game allows you to switch a woman to save for a dog but just glances over the fact you can switch it for a man either. Or how when the damsel in distress is a man it doesn't evoke any society standards or stereotypes. How bout the fact men are always expected to be chiseled body builder classes of people. Do woman's roles in games need to change? Yes I would like to see a female character that doesn't just throw you things, stays in the background, or ends up being the brains of a operation while the men are these beefy macho gun wielding maniacs. Of course when I saw female characters needing rescue it never made me see woman as objects or weak in nature. Maybe I'm the exception on the general ruling of it. SO there ya have it. It is a disgrace that a person like Anita can't have a opinion with a constant barrage of death threats and rape threats. I know it happens to all people regardless of sex, but when it becomes the focus point every time a person that has a opinion happens to be a woman, that is just a disgrace.


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