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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Open Letter to Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, what do you say about a world leader who is so arrogant and self important that he thinks he will be this glorious conqueror by reclaiming ukraine and probably will attempt the other territories as well. Russia is a shitty country with very little hope for their citizens. A poor nation that has a big military prick to wave and a bunch of neo nazis that have nothing better to do but herass imigrants and gay people because "da took our joooooooooooobs!" and same gender attraction being branded as the same as being a pedophile. Fuck your country, your small ideas and scope of the world. fuck you and the deaths you and your citizens are responsible for thanks to your spread of ignorance. And fuck your catholic church and the inspiration and support you draw from it. Fuck this Maxim Martsinkevich guy. A potential self hating homosexual who's only to touch men is to torcher and harass them. A cowardly little man who should be rotting in jail.


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