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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"We Are Not All Special" Crafty Talk

We can all be special. If you are a fully cognitive human being, you can be special. I always find it amusing and sad how a lot of successful movies and stories about the underdog gaining a better more fulfilling life is either by having a "good heart." or coming to think that they can be happy despite having no wealth, no legacy or bright future to speak of because dammit they have the love of a family and that's all they need. Usually such movie portray those on top as snobby assholes who beat their wives, belittle their kids and burn down orphanages because it blocks their view of the ocean. We live in a world full of people who are there to bring you down and keep you down to their level in the name of "giving advice," and "looking out for YOUR best interests." They usually do this by talking down about themselves, "I wish I could be like that...could do that... or did do that." Sometimes blaming something that could be in or out of their control from the weather to having kids even, seeing them as jailers. People grow complacent living a shitty life and when they hear about your ambitions sometimes you get things like this. "Keep your dreams realistic." "Know when to give up." "Learn a Trade." God dammit I'm sick to death of self loathing people and even sicker of people who involved themselves in other people's life. I'm not talking about friends and family I'm talking about following celebrities of any caliber and wishing you were like them, sometimes even celebrating their failure and falling from fame like Justin Beiber has predictably been doing in disastrous fashion like a lot of people predicted not even six months after "Baby" came out. I hate his music like most people do and I see someone with a inflated ego acting out now. But in the end I don't have enjoyment seeing a human being become a shitty person and not even realize what future he is losing. That could be an article in itself but I'll drop the subject there. I've sat down with some ugly people and I'm not talking rich or poor I'm talking personality wise, where they are just bitter at everything, from the kids that don't call them, to the "man" keeping them down to not learning about finances or savings because they rather fish, hunt and play at every opportunity given to them instead of learning new things, exploring new ideas and working outside their comfort zone, and learn whats going on in the world during their off time from the shop, or flipping burgers at wendy's. I see successful people here and outside of this area as people to strive to be like not to compare yourself to and see it as something that you could never be. Or better yet berate them for whatever superficial reason you have (we could all think a million of them) which is the most pathetic display you could make. I just got done watching American Psycho, excellent movie.


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