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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How A Sales Career Changed My Life Part 3 of 4 - CraftyTalk

I never thought I would find what I did in this business, the wisdom, knowledge, I only wish I could of stayed in the game longer. I wish I saw it was for me. Never had I worked for a place that felt and was entirely genuine In it's ethics, it's care, and it's devotion. Yes it was 100% commission based sales. The misconceptions I had for sales, that many people have is that no one will ever buy anything they don't want and/or need. Word of mouth spreads fast and no one will ever buy from a person they don't like. My cynical thoughts about people of the world especially those who were successful in life slowly died off. It was never about the money for these people it was about a legacy, "More things are possible for the next generation because I was here." I think that is a accomplishment anyone can hope to achieve which I hope for now. We may fall flat on our face, we may not achieve our goals or overcome the obstacles in our way, the self doubt must be snuffed out, when you feel like you have given your all, give some more. Cut the negative people out of your life, be a example, rise above the standards, don't fall into the low expectations that are placed upon you. It doesn't benefit anyone for you to fail, for you to come up short, no one who is a true friend would make negative conversation about you, they will see the potential there and if they are above you they will reach down with a helping hand. If someone below reaches up, be strong enough so that they don't pull you down with them, and be strong enough to know when to let them go.


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