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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How A Sales Career Changed My Life Part 2 of 4 - Crafty Talk

There were so many times starting out, where I thought I could simply not do this. I found myself in place where I had to make a decision, be in destitution working at wallmart part time for three years and MAYBE get a manager promotion or work outside my comfort zone and do something I never thought I could do or want to do with the potential of quickly making my first livable income. It took so much work getting that license. $150 for class materials (after I got hired on they changed it so they pay for it now, oh well.) $40 to take the state insurance exam three times before passing. All so I can work 60 hours a week where my pay could be between $0-50k my first year depending on the effort I put into it. Funny how many people including myself will say the same excuses as to why not to pursue such a endeavor, "You may not make anything, it's not reliable, etc." Shows how much I knew. To give a perspective on the people I learned from. Both the vice and branch president used to be engineers and didn't want to face the situation of being laid off for being paid too much.(10 to 20 years in business) One manager was in the Leasing business until the 2008 crash (4 years there). Another manager was a burger king regional manager, visiting BK in different states improving production, owned a chain of restaurants that closed down due to 2008, (3 years). My training manager was a degree graduate journalist who didn't want to work for peanuts correcting punctuation and spelling errors only to see a 5k raise in five years working at the same place. (8 years in the business).


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