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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How A Sales Career Changed My Life Part 1 - CraftyTalk

WEB: Taking the sales job was a huge risk at the time. I never liked sales, I hated the idea of having to talk to people, we had no money and yet I had to use my "no money" for the book and supplies and the state exam later. Buy some dress shoes and an extra tie. Thankfully my future father in law gave me some extra ties and suit. A suit that did not fit because I'm a foot taller then him. It was a experience that is hard to share, and make people understand. It's surreal, some of the people I sat down with, It was almost like looking into the future for some people I know and knew, both good and bad. A few things I have to say because people tend to think they know everything about everything without experiencing it themselves. No one buys from a pushy salesmen and people only can be sold if it's something the want, need, or both. You can't sell sick, you can't sell poor and you can't sell stupid. I met many people who invested their money wisely over the years, saved so they can live comfortably in retirement. I met people that did the same thing only to lose almost all of it due to investing the same way they did when they were young, and don't have enough time to recover. All because they didn't take the time to understand investments and allowed someone else have too much control of their money. I met people who did not save anything, they were complacent working the same job, the same shift for sixty plus years, making no effort to get a higher position for whatever reason, and they make excuses for themselves. I met couples that refused to allow their kids to take care of them because they had to take care of their parents, I met the exact opposite of those couples. I even met individuals or couples that were just bitter and angry and want nothing to do with their kids who don't call or visit. This goes for both poor and rich people. There was a lot of topics discussed in that branch I worked at, and some of the ones are more prominent in my life right now is... "You are where you are because you choose to be." "Live life by design, not by circumstance." "Rich people think of the future, poor people think of today." I create because I have to, I am on this world not only for myself but also to inspire and benefit others, it's how we grow and progress. Thank you for your time, your viewer and your readership, I hope to only do better with every minute I am alive.


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