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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Furry Connection North Trailer and MORE!

CraftyAndy here and I’m back, as if I ever left in the first place. Not the time for me to divulge what I’ve went through these past two years here getting straight to the point. I’ve got a series coming out this Friday called “Best Of Convention” exactly how it seems. A mini series where I showcase the best moments of the travels and conventions I go to from scifi, anime, horror, and furry. Starting out is Furry Connection North in Novi Michigan. (trailer) This was their last year so I intend to send them off with a bang. Enjoy the show starting every Friday. (All music was used commercially with written permission.) Music BY: Feli Foxamoore SKisM Mustache Riot & Direct Feed SpraxTraxx Psychix


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