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Thursday, February 21, 2013

In memory of Cyrus/Lemonade (Tim McCormick)

PREVIOUS COMMENTS Mamberuon 1 day ago It was while I was watching his 'It gets better video' that I found out that he had passed away. I didnt know him at all, except through the videos and this video brings a tear to my eye, and heart. Reply · haloxr30 2 days ago I Choked up watching this RIP YOU WOULD NEVER BE FORGOTTEN Reply · Leor Flor 3 days ago I mean EMT, sorry 3: Reply · in reply to loverroll (Show the comment) Leor Flor 3 days ago A drunk woman crashed against his ambulance while he was doing his service on IMT. He and the guy that was on the sit next to him died :( Reply · in reply to loverroll (Show the comment) turbofoxbird 1 week ago You will be deeply missed my friend. You always made me smile and ill always have the good memories. Will miss seeing your bright smileing face at cons. FWA just wasnt the same without you running about. I thank all that were involved with his memoral at FWA. RIP my friend we all miss you -kibble- Reply · loverroll 1 week ago how did he die??? Reply · Cavie Caviidae 1 week ago Beautiful video :) Reply · Mstr. Lita MacWolf 3 weeks ago it brings tears to my eyes knowing i pushes off meeting a great and awesome fur. i miss him so very much. Reply · ndog2005 4 weeks ago OMG, Having been taken to Hospitals several times by EMTs, know what Special people they are. Then to hear about the 2 that got killed, fought tears.. This is a Great video, brought some tears back, still a Great video.. Reply · keondicetyreeable 1 month ago I'm gonna cry again Reply · Keeya Kanze 1 month ago Once more, I thought I was past tears... Once more I am proven wrong... Great video, guys. Reply · ShadowWolf401 1 month ago The video and music where very beautiful Reply · ricardo502ful 1 month ago muy bonito tributo espero y lo vea donde quiera que este Reply · Michael Reyes 1 month ago this make me cry Reply · sparkybluefox 1 month ago Andy and Chris: Thank you for producing this warm and touching memorial video. May he and his co-worker rest in peace. SBF Reply · Furry VideoShowdown 1 month ago In the upcoming episode of FVS it will be dedicated to this wonderful man...Great job on the music and video!! Reply · JohnStripedfur 1 month ago Lovely video. He'll truly be missed. And thanks for using one of my photos up there. :) Reply · In memory of Cyrus/Lemonade (Tim McCormick) from Rotten Egg Creations. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Rotten Egg Creations on Blip! On saturday my good friend Ticer came to my mate and I extremely upset. He had lost a person who was dear to him, Tim McCormick. Ticer asked me if Andy and I could make a video for Timapos;s friends and family. We gladly accepted. Tim helped out a great many people not just as an EMT but also as a friend. While I never met Tim, accounts from his friends after his passing show him to be a Hero to which I hope our video can give that legacy justice. Rest in peace Tim McCormick. News articles on his passing. See all episodes of Rotten Egg Creations Visit Rotten Egg Creations's series page


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