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Friday, January 18, 2013

Cut myself open for you



Not directed towards anyone specific, take what you will of it for yourself.



Cut myself open for you 

Salt poured into every wound

I thought we had something true

So petty and small yet you act tall


Still tragic yet expected your love retracted

No long term outlook for all the over demanding inaction


The future is foreseeable when it comes to the paths you lead

The hole you recede in, No one will see you bleed


When you are confined to yourself, your own self gain

A gain so small the eye cannot see


Are you aware of how futile this is

So much effort and time misguides and wasted.

Your chosen destiny becomes bleaker with you growing weaker

How do you intend to climb the mountain of bile

Excreted from your mouth, your thoughts, your actions


No foundation for your vessel,

No legacy to leave or be followed by example 

Your accomplishments are dreams not realized,

Your ideas never materialized.


An Exess of enduldgment A life with no involvement

No real end because you never began

Like dust in the wind

Like the sand on the beach

One hue, one color

Just the same as all the others.








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