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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Good Idea, Bad Idea - by Furs For Life

Furs For Life is pleased to announce that we are now supporting multiple charities, by adding in Child's Play as our second charity. Child's Play works to improve the lives of hospitalized children, by giving toys, games, and books to children's hospitals and therapy facilities. Many of the children in these hospitals are miserable, scared, and alone. Having games to play offers them a needed source of comfort, entertainment, and distraction from their illnesses or traumas, while offering some means to interact with other children and family. The Red Cross is an amazing organization that is constantly helping others and saving lives. From house fires to large scale disasters like in the tornadoes in Arkansas, the tsunami in Japan, or the earthquaqes Haiti, the Red Cross has been there with medical aid, food, and other necessities. They also save millions of lives through blood drives, and host local programs for health safety and education. To donate to either of our charities, please use these two links, so we can track our goals! Red Cross: Red Cross website Child's play: Childs Play Charity Filming and Editing - craftyandy wolfpuptk Voice acting - molla Appearances by: groggyfox wolfpuptk dosner charmhusky moka kikiroko Extra support: Nashoba


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