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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Furry BBQ Incident, Crafty Talk

Special thanks to for the new microphone. Putting it to good use. here is the link to the full report and video of the local news coverage. WATCH HERE In New Jersey since 2005 a Furry BBQ event has been held at the Twin W Rescue Building. This will be their last year however since they are now banned from hosting any more parties there due to accusations of heavy drinking and two fursuiters "having sex in Public" I put that in quotes because that's how people have been describing it. Many have made an effort to find out who they are so they can be banned from meets, and other conventions. Am I the only one who's bullshit meter went off and doubted anything that extreme went on. Apparently I;m not because the media in a local news report, the result was far less then that, which is pretty damn ironic.


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