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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Film Verdict

The Dark Knight Rises It truly is the end of the world because for once the third installment of a franchise is at the very least on par with the rest. And that is a pretty damn good thing. Unlike Spiderman 3 with it being unable to properly balance and handle it’s four main characters including Spiderman himself, Rises manages to squeeze in five aspiring characters. I won’t say who the are but I will say it is an awesome little nod of what could possibly come next. Is this the conclusion that was teased all since last year? Well yes and no. It does tie itself off but at the same time it does leave it open for other directors to take the helm. I’m really crossing my fingers and hoping they don’t reboot this franchise and just leave it the fuck alone. This version of batman did a great job of not killing off main villians in it’s movies, portraying batman correctly, and giving us a high standard when it comes to comic book films. I always hope that super hero franchises just would be given the “Bond” treatment that is, make two to four movies and then pass it on to the next set or directors and actors. Lets see scarecrow get his own movie. I know WBros are going for the Justice league thing, and have been trying at it for the past decade now it seems. But there is no need to establish new actors for these characters. We already know who they are, we don’t need “the Amazing Batman” to come out next year. That being said, if they chose to make another Batman film with a new director, and god help us, a new direction, I really hope they do the smart thing at this point and make the next movie on a smaller scale. Like I said, lets have Scarecrow be the main villain or the Riddler, Someone who can test Batman’s intelligence and wits a little more next time as oppose to his fighting prowess. They can’t go with another “the whole city/world is at stake” kind of thing again. At that point it would be overdone and boring. These are my thoughts on the movie and franchise itself. Hope you enjoyed the video pared with this. Thank you and good night.


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