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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art progress from the 1990s to the present.

2nd grade made a story about a haunted house,
Later after drawing some pictures from the Rats of Nihm book and getting praise for it I found my talent at last, drawing. I was a command and conquer, starcraft, doom, and Half-Life fan. The work here shows.

Well I got sick of epic battle scenes and finally began to atempt to do more things from my imagination.
I had no guidence from anyone I always would run around my room imagining my own stories and adventures. It was at this point I got more interested in writing and drawing my own original ideas.
Around this time I focused more on making characters and scenes from my own ideas. I spent a great ammount of time trying to figure out good story telling. I never read a book outside of class until then either.

Even though I never had my own internet and copy, Everquest influenced my art further. 
Had a bit of a drawing gap here. I came close to giving it up all together. I remember taking my stack of drawings and throwing them all in the trash. I later removed them, which I don’t regret.  

By now I had nearly half a dozen different story ideas. None of them will ever see the light of day. My art and writing abilities were no where near where they needed to be so that my efforts wouldn’t be wasted. Still I didn’t let any of it stop me and I kept on going tacking advice where ever I got it in order to improve myself.  

My first atempt at digital art. Doing drawings with a mouse is hard in fact it’s near impossible. It took me more then three months to make  that dragon pic and still rejected it (I know because it’s shit but then I didn’t think so).
I also made my first attempt at a comic.

Multiple factors why I don’t have much this year.  One sketch pad was stolen from me out of art class. My girlfriend, world of warcraft, and friends taking up way too much of my time.
It was after I broke up with the girl that I realized how the best artist around draw everything and anything just about everyday. So slowly but surely I made more of an effort towards my creativity from this point on to the point where I find little to no time when it comes to movies, video games. Hanging out with friends became a luxury that was earned, less I feel guilty for being lazy.

It took me this long to figure out I wanted to tell my stories in comic form. I knew my artwork was not good enough yet and I didn’t want to waste a potentially good idea with bad artwork so I decided to make a sonic comic; One that rebooted the franchise back to it’s STAM roots when it was good. This took me a year of planning, writing out summaries learning about the process putting hours of research into the characters and comics with no help from anyone else except from 
articles I found on the internet and comics I bought. I had a full summary of three issues and a story arc that will possibly never be. But it was all worth it because of how much it improved me.

All the digital pics here were colored by mouse
and it was a pain in the ass considering my lack of
knowledge when it came to photoshop layers, multiply features etc. 
that I wouldn’t know about until next year during summer.

The first eight pages of sonic took forever I sketched nearly fourty-eight pages, many got remade later.
Here I expanded my mediums to marker and ink. I made my first attempt at a original comic Skull Kid after many rjections I figured I wasn’t ready yet and continued with sonic. This year due to my classes and my own motivation begining to pick up I made over 107 completed art pieces.

This year I did a art show with a friend. It was the most stressfull and unrewarding thing I ever did. Did not sell a damn thing outside of a few nice relatives.
Still I continued to expand my talents, combining mediums taking on different challenges and ideas for class. I wanted to be able to draw anything.

This year my teacher 
Matt Busch
introduced me to acrylic paints. It led me to make a few pictures depicting the stories I have laid out in my head for years now. I like to think I have good ideas however I know it’s insane to try and do it all by myself. I feel like everyone I meet either has no interest or the motivation to help move a project forward. I often wonder if I have anything to do with it. Maybe I’m not cut out for any of this but it is all I know how to do. I’ll keep practicing and coming up with ideas until I can’t hold a pencil anymore. Maybe the thing holding me back the most is focus and guidance, hope I can find some.

Well reflecting on my art this year. It turns out I did do a lot more than it feels like I did (73 to 72 last year). However I am no where near where I want to be. Until my skill level reaches the artists that I admire, I will not be satisfied. Practice, practice, and practice until I break. 

Experimentation is a good way to describe this year. More video then art pieces. Trying at multiple web shows involving movie reviews and failing in both views and entertainment value it seems; Or was I not promoting them well enough? Really not enough people watched them to even give me proper feed back.
I enjoy having a show about anything (Crafty Talk) I'm content with expressing my mind about whatever I feel like and I hope to do some things that are a little more meaningful.
Discovery is another word to describe this year. For better or for worse I'm sticking to just doing furry content (with the exception of some web shows) because,
1. I enjoy it
2. It's the most popular thing I do.
This reasoning came to be when I finished drawing up a preview for the comic I wish to make "I Am" only for all my willpower to be drained and washed away at the idea of drawing generic people and animals for the entire duration of the project that will surely take a great amount of time.
So now I've decided to go full furry in terms of art and story telling. I love fantasy mainly because all the same stories have been told countless times,  you mine as well find new interesting ways to tell them. The weirder the better.
What I feel is most important, yet again is work harder on promoting myself or find someone willing to help me in that area, give myself a distinct identity; Get projects done on deadlines I set for myself, and get more people actively involved in projects we can all enjoy making.


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