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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Furries Are Coming

Music For Whom The Bell Tollz by DJ MIchA PHOTOS BY: Abrahm Zazin Raverkitty21 Akita Video Clips and audio Mortal Kombat, Lord of The Rings, Mercenary Fighters, Serious Sam, Shoop Da Woop Meet Buddy BY: TeknikliaRoo (youtube) Effects provided by (youtube) s512030 GreenFootage vidiotschannel The Potatoguy101 MadTurkForLife Thanks to all those that participated and helped make this video possible. Couldn't of done it without all of you. NOTE TO SELF: Next time get a list of people's names and contact information. Now anyways I need you guys to spread this around and get as many people exposed to it as possible. Every unique viewer helps.


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