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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Utoya Attacks, Rick Perry, and Nationalism

Rick Perry: Free Hate Rally
Making Escuses for Andres Breivik
Exploiting Oslo
Glenn Beck Said What? –Amazing Atheist-
Survival Story

Maybe this was too easy of a topic to pick. Nationalism seems as easy to bash as nazis or racists. None the less I don't know if I'll continue this route. Well like always comment, follow, subscribe, and send me you questions and suggestions.


  1. Wow this blog HAS changed a lot. Are you Maddox, by the way?

  2. @Polybius
    I'm just going to assume that was a complement and thanks.

  3. Wow, I never actually noticed that before. You DO look kinda like Maddox. In terms of personality, though, you're very different from him.

    Anyway, I've always found nationalism to be rather terrifying. I've looked into its history since high school, and every example I've seen (Chinese civil war, Napoleon, and obviously the Nazis) has been linked to bad news.

  4. @Graham
    Kind of figured that's what he meant later on. I'm probably Maddox's bastard offspring. It just drives me fucking crazy this idea of sticking in our own country I mean how far does it go to the point when we are the fire nation sharing our "greatness" with the world or the recent thundercats? I know I'm using tv shows as an example but I do think they present the possible idea that one nation can become powerful (and/or crazy) enough to try and force the rest of the world to share the same view points due to their willful ignorance/arrogance of other countries, races, culture etc. Whether it's this or religious beliefs governing our countries the end result I see is a more modern dark age for those living under such rule.