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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dectetive Red Shark Hellraiser coming attractions

Think we are at the summer bottom of the barrel right now. Nothing to look forward to this weekend. Maybe Apollo 18, I talked about that I believe in early somethnig something... I don't remember. Well at least Hellraiser Revelations gives me an idea for a new Movie Dungeon Episode. Movies to cover. shark night, Hellraiser revelations, one fall, Detective Dee and the phantom flame, warrior, red state


  1. I suggested Tucker & Dale vs. Evil in the previous episode. You said you'd cover it, but you didn't.

  2. @Graham
    Next one I am. it's on the list, I figure I'd talk about it when it's closer to release.

  3. @Graham

    Actually I thought about it more and I should cover things more as they come out while they are still fresh and new. So again I apologize for that and I think I'll do that from now on after these next few episodes.