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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Fullmetal Sucks Explained!

Actually I like it a lot better then the first incarnation. I thought the first series was damn near perfection and yet somehow it's been topped, though there are still around ten episodes left for me to watch. Anyways new videos are up. MOvie Dungeon 13 assassins review Transformers 3 Anthrocon Dance Competition


  1. While I personally find myself enjoying Brotherhood, one aspect of the show that really bugs me is the tone. The show is a lot more comical than the first FMA, and when it switches to occasional comedy, it's really jarring. While the first anime deviated from the manga, it did a better job of keeping its tone consistent.

  2. @Daikun
    I suppose so, but I don't know the dark and brooding stuff may be on it's way for a while and something a little more lite is much desired.