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Monday, July 25, 2011

Crafty Talk: Cornholio Lives Among Other Characters

Bevis & Butthead reutrn, Thundercats are back, Loony Tunes return, Green Lantern looks like shit. Welcome to Crafty Talk where I talk about anything and everything. Feel free to give me any suggestions as to what I should talk about next. Anything is up for grabs. Thundercats Bevis And ButtHead


  1. Personally, I wish they hadn't made Daffy so dumb in the Looney Tunes Show. Other than that, it's an alright show.

    Anyway, here's a political question for the next Crafty Talk: Do you think Obama will be reelected in 2012?

  2. @Daikun

    I agree with you about Daffy, I thought they were trying WAY to hard with him the first episode. They did seem to fix him in later episodes like the episode Bugs goes on a blind date, when Daffy uses a person's ID to play golf for free and run a bar tab. I'll have to watch it more though to be sure.