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Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Time: Violent Entertainment

I think it's safe to say after all these years we can breath a sigh of relief that all these talks they used to have about putting stricter ;guidelines, fines, and regulations on content (especially video game content) have faded from


  1. I'm not gonna even bother with Pirates of the Carribean. I thought the 2nd one was bad and the 3rd one was even worse. As for Lion of Judah, I don't know if you have happen to have seen it but look up "The Barbie Channel" on YouTube (or on your satellite TV). Its the same 20 minute loop played over and over. The animal animation looks exactly the same. Midnight in Paris looks bad but I would see it because of Owen Wilson being in it. Bloodworth sounds like a hillbilly movie and I agree looks horrible.

  2. @aiden-raccoon

    Yeah midnight in paris seems like the only promising film. I think I'm just going to save my money this week for Kun Fu Panda 2

  3. I detect a good Pirates of the Caribbean rant in the near future.