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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making Of, A Geddan To End All Geddans

Showing the better parts of filming this thing, and the great people that helped make it happen. I did make a few tweaks to the final video which is already re-uploaded (see unlike youtube you can replace video files), but nothing that significant. ;Furry Connection North videos are in the works. The next movie dungeon will be The Dark Knight, then the first season of My Little Pony (maybe I have yet to watch it.).I have interviews to edit and post of artist at FCN along with artist I have lined up to interview at motor city comic con this year.


  1. "I heard craft Andy bought like 600 dollars of beer" "Shhhh shut up"
    Favorite part xD

  2. You misspelled the second "Geddan" in the title. ;)