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Sunday, March 6, 2011



Ah this movie has such a charm. It isn't trying to be whimsical or enchanting (well there are parts like that involving moving trees but I blocked them from memory) just wants to tell a old western tale about a stranger (this case a chameleon) who has lived his life vicariously through television it seems who is trying to save a town from a unknown something or someone who is taking the water away from a desert town eventually forcing everyone to pack up and leave.
Johnny plays a toned down version of Jack Sparrow and it surprisingly comes off well. Though a lot of characters do not get developed that much aside from the main character they all are unique with their own personality. The film doesn't waste time in getting the story started either, after seeing Rango escape from his aquarium not even five minutes in that the creators knew it's not that hard for us to tell he lived a sheltered life and witnessed a lot of television.
The action scenes are well done and coherent I can tell what's happening and that's all that matters for that.
Some have described this movie as dark but I don't see how. Just because something dies in a film doesn't make it dark to me it's the themes that do it like in True Grit, or 3:10 to Yuma. This is mainly about finding ones self realizing the grand scale of life and using whatever abilities you have to achieve a greater goal and it works on a level that can entertain all audiences in my opinion. I'm sure some bitchy parents might complain about some of the happenings in this film but really most of the time that's a good sign that the creators actually wanted to tell a actual story and not just talk down to their children and bore the hell out of their parents.

One note there is a great cameo by someone, I won't say who, also this movie looks very marketable unfortunately so be prepared for many sequels that will slowly but surely drain any charm or fun these characters have.


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