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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spartacus, Camelot, and A Game of Thrones

Spartacus is basically 300 the series except more violent and has a lot more sex in it as well. I always love a story relating to Rome it's corruption and how all the characters are in a competition to be the biggest manipulator when it comes to the elite higher ups. I just saw the second season (which is a prequel to the first) and I am impressed with the characters and just how ballsy the show is in general. The last season comes out this year.

Camelot's first episode aired today as a sneak preview and it is just as promising to me. Compared to Spartacus I find Camelot better due to it's more subtle nature. I always enjoyed medieval stories a lot more just seems like a more mystical time to me.
ON that topic A Game of Thrones, a enjoyable book so far, found it weird that two of my friends who don't know each other happen to be reading the same thing so of course I had to join. I haven't read a worded book in years and so far this series is starting to unfold in a fantastic way. And HBO is making a series out of it already so I better hurry and catch up. I am so happy to see fantasy taken seriously again.



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