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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron Legacy

First off this movie's 3d depth isn't that impressive or noticeable as if it was applied instead of shot that way. However the movie was a incredible and that is my short review.
Now for the long version
I saw the original a year before and another time weeks before I saw this sequel. I remember in the theater and once I heard that Daft Punk soundtrack begin I got goosebumps. Speaking of Daft Punk They make a cameo in one of my favorite scenes actually. Our main character Sam is in a nightclub with Daft Punk themselves in charge of the beats. Clue's henchmem (the antagonist) attack and start killing some civilians and some rebel fighters. So how does the music duo Daft Punk respond to this? They adjust the tunes to fit what's happening of course. Now those are some fine composers, could we have them at a furry convention?
On to the movie itself if you haven't figured it out it is the sequel to the original but it is not required watching to enjoy this movie. Though the original movie does stand up to the test of time for me and I still find it enjoyable. It takes a concept of there being a world inside our computers where programs are sentient beings with us the users considered to be their gods by them. Now you know where the tv show Reboot got some of it's inspiration.
Tron Legacy is about Sam the son of Kevin from the original movie. The short version is a message from Kevin sent to his friend gets Sam looking for his father and he ends up on the grid. The effects are excellent to say the least, the music is entrancing and the acting, aside from a few awkwardly delivered lines from the older Jeff Bridges, worked for me.
I am aware that this movie hasn't been well received by other critics. I don't understand some of the complaints I've heard. I wasn't expecting anything deep from Tron and well I didn't get anything deep, that's fine it wasn't like Transformers, or Wanted where opportunities were squandered and the initial ideas for the worlds and characters are altered and forgotten that's another story however.
I was able to comprehend the action pretty well as opposed to a lot of the action in the recent Harry Potter film (I swear I almost got motion sickness from some of those scenes and yes it will be my example of shaky cameras along with Ninja Assassin). Still there was way to many camera cuts during the fighting for me. My one major complaint however is that the movie is called Tron. Tron is a character in the original for those who don't know and he was a program designed to regulate and keep other programs in check, pretty much a log filer to monitor the actions of other users actually. They should of focused on making a story where Sam and Kevin were the main protagonists but Tron was the way for them to reach their ultimate goal. Instead he barely plays any role at all other then silent don't mess with me bad ass.
Overall I enjoyed the movie, simple easy to understand everything since all the imoortant aspects are explained as needed.
I think it's worth full price just for the fun of it alone. Take care until next time.

I had no idea that the younger Jeff Bridges was computer generated until I was told and I don't think the friend I went with noticed either...


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