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Monday, December 27, 2010

Black Swan

This is a hard one. Much like The Social Network isn't about "facebook" Black Swan isn't about Ballet as much as it is about the pressure to succeed leading down the road into the self destruction of obsession, disorder, and paranoia. I enjoyed it quite a bit and having an audience to watch it with actually helped this time around. I can hear it my head right now much like Let me IN there are going to be a bunch of idiots complaining "they don't get it." That's ok son here go watch Tron it's full of pretty lights and things moving really fast and you can stay far away from me.
It's simple and tale shown in a bizarre fashion. Of course the story and acting makes the movie in this case. To give you a set up and maybe even more of a reason to go see it if you haven't decided yet already. Throw a innocent naive girl with multiple disorders into receiving the role of lifetime lead by a instructor who likes to seduce his students, an obsessive controlling mother who is living her failed dream vicariously through her daughter, a new student who may or may not be after her role. and you have one of the most entrancing movies to come out this year.


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