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Sunday, October 17, 2010

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I can say with out a doubt it's one of my favorite movies of the year. Go out and see it buy it at full price don't download it that's pathetic. I can't say if I consider it one of my all time favorites but I will definitely have to see it again. The acting is all superb and there is no "bad people" per say in the movie. As far as how truthful it is to the events I'm sure it'll have to include some research but regardless here you have a movie about ones motivation and goals being put above everything else, he saw an idea some people had and believed he had a better one and well he did in the long run and now I have a facebook to post on. Unlike recent movies this year I have seen like The Town I can already say this left a impression on me as much as Gran Torino did last year.
The atmosphere is incredibly deep with Trent Reznor (NIN) doing the soundtrack and the directing by David Fincher (Fight Club Seven) this is a movie I know deserves a oscar for best picture. Though I prefer seeing it done in a scifi and fantasy setting the best movies are the ones that have that human element in it, no over the top goofy antics, lite hearted formulaic filming, or slapstick humor. this is why I love movies and stories in general.
I am glad someone like David Fincher directed this I can see anyone else making it some cherry "Uh oh looks like Mark Zuckerberg can't derpidy herpa derp out of tis situation, soon he'll realize friendship is more important in "Facebook The Movie." Staring Frankie Muniz.
In other news Brer Fox died.


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