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Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie Nostalgia Stand By Me

Just saw stand by me for about maybe the twelfth time. I don't know I don't keep track. It's nice to have a movie that doesn't really age. Even in another 24 years (hey the movie was born the same day I was :) it will still have relevancy. The world changes and yet stays the same in it's own way. Most of us who are lucky enough manage to find a circle of friends end up having a lot of unforgettable times don't we. I know I have had my share of stupid shit me and my friends did.

I'll never forget how me and my only grade school friend would spend three to six days out of the week together in the summer playing baseball, riding bikes, renting movies playing video games and at night make a big bowl of popcorn smother it in two sticks of butter watch some quantum leap, Bevis and Butthead, those cheesy hammer house horror films they used to have on the SciFi channel (when it was spelled correctly), and make prank phone calls threatening random people that Freddy Kruger is coming to them.
That's me being brief I'll never forget all the great times I had those years, heh, growing up and getting out of high school is like getting out of a institution for twelve years, and the world finally seems to open up for you. He's now pursuing his dream of becoming a Navy Seal and I'm pursuing my own goals of being a great story teller, we still see and talk to each other now and then and hell recently got to know a lot more about each other as well.


I'm sure everyone else out there had at one point or another a similar group of friends early on in life. Everyone has a story to tell as I say. Though no one ever seems to respond much if at all to my posts, anyone out there mind sharing their own story of a friend(s) they have or used to have growing up? here or your own journal? Hell even if it's imaginary (lord knows I had my share of them), what did you used to do together what is your fondest memories.


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